Brand Leadership Summit

Brand Leadership Summit where the discussions will be made on the best ideas in sales and marketing, perspectives and innovative products and services, communities and campaigns, will meet you on April 20, 2016 with the participation of the expert speakers and professionals.  Sales and Marketing Summit will bring together the best thinkers and the entrepreneurs of the related areas who has made a name with innovative perspectives  and formed the  future  according to their own vision in order to explore the world of changing in the different areas ranging from  brands to innovations, from marketing to people, from social media to alchemy and from the sales to sustainable success.

In the Sales and Marketing Summit, the speakers consisting of Senior executives of major companies in Turkey, Sales and marketing professionals, authors in sales and marketing area and academics will participate in the Summit and dozens of sessions and important issues related to the business world will take place.

The purpose of Sales and Marketing Summit is to understand customers’ and participant’s wants and needs, communicate effectively with customers, effectively manage your sales team by giving them the skills of persuasion as to ensure a profitable sales and marketing management. In addition, in a dynamic environment establish a platform where the vast sales and marketing knowledge and experience will be shared and new visions and different perspectives will be gained. In the summit, you will also meet with the participant  business professionals and creating a social environment you will strengthen your connections in the business world.

Senior managers of the institutions who want to get inspiration, business and market network developers, managers of  marketing, sales, brand and product who wants to follow the world agenda, marketing and sales teams who want to expand their network and all professionals who are interested in the trends of sales and marketing, let’s meet in the Sales and Marketing Summit which will be held on April 20th,  2016.