The Management and Leadership Summit which will take place on 19 October 2017, providing an exchange of experiences from different areas and a discussion base for perspectives reflecting many different institutional cultures, aims to offer executives from all levels and from a diverse range of sectors and industries, an unique platform for the exchange of know-how and experience.

To have and keep success in business World, to learn all niceties of sustainable success, to have and to improve characteristics and qualifications required for successful leadership and management, to be an impressive and an influential leader, to find effective solutions for problems arising in management process, to turn managerial crisises to opportunities, to have a strong vision in business World, to set correct goals in order to achieve target, to become a better planner, let us meet at the Management and Leadership Summit.

As speakers, professionals of business World, who enjoyed great success in their career will take part in the Management and Leadership Summit. Under heading general management Holistic Management Approach, under heading Managing Future strategy development in leadership and management process, under heading Engineering Board Meetings board meetings of companies and its unknowns, under heading Business Etiquette individual awareness concerning behavioral culture and in relation management, under heading Leader Manager – Manager Leader management models of leaders who influence masses, under heading Art of Delegation the models and principles of delegation will be discussed, speakers will share their experiences on these subjects.

Through Management and Leadership Summit, you will access most required information on trendy topics of management and leadership. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get know the participants of the summit, business professionals and thereby you will have the opportunity to strengthen your connections in business World. The Management and Leadership Summit, bringing Turkey’s most important entrepreneurs, executives and leaders together, will play catalyst role by reinforcing the dialogue among the leaders in developing solutions to problems and introducing new strategies.



  • Holistic Management Approach
  • Managing Future
  • Board Meetings and its Unknowns
  • Business Etiquette & Dress Code
  • Leader Manager vs Manager Leader
  • Art of Delegation

Event Coordinator

Hilal Gençay

Currently, Hilal Gençay is the project coordinator for web-based literacy program at Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV). Gençay is a Social Psychologist and Educationalist, having graduated from the Ruhr-University of Bochum with a B.A. in Social Science and Educational Science. As an education specialist, she has been one of main program developers of ACEV’s adult literacy programs. Also, she had coordinated a literacy project for young women in Southeast of Turkey between 2008 and 2011, which was honored by Empower Foundation with Champions of Youth Award.

She is also the founder of the food sharing platform www.komsuyemegi.com, which was awarded the Golden Spider Award 2015.

Since 2015, Gençay has been Head of Event Planning Commission of The Conferences Turkey.

Yönetim ve Liderlik Zirvesi 2017 Program Akışı

What is included in this event;

  • Sharing of ideas with  expert academics in the field
  • Meaningful communication and interaction opportunities
  • Opportunity  to participate to all sessions, presentations, workshops, cocktail and  coffee-breaks
  • Lunch opportunity
  • Participant Certificate


For 2017 Management and Leadership Summit ,Pricing is as follows:

Super Early Enrollment
1.250 TL
Valid for the payments made before September 08 , 2017
Early Enrollment
1.500 TL
Valid for the payments made before September 29, 2017
Normal Enrollment
1.750 TL
Valid for the payments made after September 29, 2017
Room Prıce (Pre-Event)

Room Prıce (Event Tıme)

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

5, Cihannüma, Saray Cd, 34353 Beşiktaş


T. +90 (0212) 310 2525


It would be better tomake reservation as early as possible since the rooms are limited. Please let us know when you make your hotel reservation.

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You can make booking by Phone: +90 212 310 25 25  or clicking the  ‘Room Bookings” button


Advisor to the Board of Directors of Deloitte Turkey.  He has a past experience of 40 years in top echelon management in internal audit and information systems audit, total quality management, human resources, training and communication issues in various different financial and industrial organizations. He has served as Chairman of Audit Committee of Boards of Directors.

He has held senior management positions in human resources, training and communication  fields.

He is the founder of the Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey, and has pioneered the professional organization in internal audit in Turkey, and the application and popularization of International Internal Audit Standards in Turkey, and the initiation of international certificated internal audit program and exam. He has served as a member of the Board of ECIIA (European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing).

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, and a graduate degree from Istanbul University, Social Sciences Institute. He is a lecturer in Marmara University.

He holds Certified Public Accountant (CPA), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CRMA (Certification on Risk Management Assurance) and CAC (Certified Advanced Coach) certificates.

He has published various articles and papers, and held trainings and seminars, and edited, authored and participated to many books and publications, on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Board of Directors and Audit Committee, and Family Companies.

He plays various different roles and has assumed responsibilities in many non-governmental, business and professional organizations.

He has been elected as “2007 Business Administrator of the Year” by Dünya Newspaper and Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration.

He has been granted Rotary Professional Outstanding Service Award in 2012 and Turkey Internal Audit Awareness Award in 2013.

Caricaturist (Cartoonist). His works have been exhibited in local and foreign exhibitions, and his cartoons have been and are being published in various publications, and various awards have been granted thereto.


Burak Aydın was born in Ankara in 1975. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Middle East Technical University followed by an MBA degree. Burak worked for Siemens Business Systems as a Strategic Planning Manager and as a consultant at Andersen Consulting/Accenture in Germany and Austria prior to his work in Intel. Burak Aydın joined Intel as the education and SMB Business Development Manager in Turkey in 2006 and went on Business Development Group Manager Role for Turkey since 2008. He has contributed to Intel Turkey with creating/leading innovative, transformational programs like Education 2.0 and SMB Reseller Transformation Program. Beside his Turkey responsibilities, he also contributed META Strategic Long Range Planning and META Business Plan Initiatives. He took Intel Turkey General Manager Position to be effective from July 2011.

He is a board member of TUBISAD(Information Industry Association). He is a member of  YASED and TUSIAD and he is currently running the STEM working group within TUSIAD.


Bülent Gürcan graduated from Civil Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1988. He served as Sales Manager in 1992-1993 at Sony Gulf, Founding and Managing Partner from 1993 to 2000 at Max Mara, Operations Manager from 2000 to 2002 in TopShop, Topman / GiySA and Director of Retail from 2002 to 2004 in Başer Holding. After working as Sales Director and Chief Operations Officer at TeknoSA between 2004 and 2013, Bülent Gürcan has then served as the CEO of Media-Saturn Turkey for 2 years. He is married, has a daughter and speaks English and French.

Bülent Gürcan has been serving as General Manager of TeknoSA since April 1, 2015.


Çağrı Alkaya Stanton Chase Chase International’da Başkan Yardımcılığı ve Yönetim Kurulu Üyeliği ve Türkiye ofisi Yönetici Ortaklığı rollerini yürütmektedir. Yönetici Araştırma ve Liderlik hizmetleri alanında  Türkiye ve Orta Asya Cumhuriyetleri’nde CEO, CFO, CSO ve yönetim kurulu üyesi pozisyonları araştırma projelerine liderlik etmektedir. Yönetici Danışmanlığı sektöründe 16. yılını dolduran Çağrı Alkaya kariyerine Coopers & Lybrand’da “ Business Assurance Services” bölümünde başladı.. 1999-2002 yılları arasında uluslararası bir danışmanlık şirketinde görev yapan Çağrı Alkaya, 2002 yılında Oxygen Consultancy’nin kurucu ortakları arasında yer aldı. Alkaya, 2007 yılında Stanton Chase International Türkiye Ofisi yönetici ortağı görevini üstlendi. Çağrı Alkaya, Oxygen Consultancy’nin Alman Allgeier şirketi tarafından satın alınmasını takiben hâlihazırda bu şirketin, bağımsız yönetim kurulu üyeliği ve başkanlığı görevini de sürdürmektedir. Izmir Amerikan Koleji ve Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Uluslararası İlişkiler bölümü mezunu olan Çağrı Alkaya, Stanton Chase bünyesinde yönetici arama ve değerlendirme dışında yönetici koçluğu alanında da projeler yürütmektedir ve profesyonel gelişim faaliyetleri gösteren Elemental Value şirketinin yönetim kurulu başkanıdır.


Değer Dündar Altınbayrak was born in Istanbul in 1977. As a graduate of Kadıköy Anatolian High School and İstanbul University Business Administration Faculty, she has started her professional career at the marketing department of NTSR International Event & Congress Organizations in 1998. Since 18 years she has been in several managerial positions of Corporate Communications, Marketing Communications, and Event Management for national – international companies.

Over the years she has worked on corporate marketing, media management, advertising, event management, digital marketing in various countries. She had the chance to be in award winning teams of marketing communications and interactive media. Ms. Dündar Altınbayrak is a member and judge of Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). She works as a consultant and trainer for brands about marketing communication and strategy, also about luxury branding digital marketing communication and strategy.

Değer Dündar Altınbayrak is the Managing Partner & Account Head of digital marketing agency “Enüstkat Interactive” since 2010 and is proud to be a part of the team.

ZA__3290 Osman alptürer


Mr.Osman Alpturer was born on 1967 in Istanbul.  He  completed Moda High School in 1984.

He graduated from Marmara University Economics Department in 1989 and  obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Economics from University of Surrey, UK in 1992.

He started his career in our Group at Efestur Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş. in 1993. He continued his carrier in Anadolu Group, at Anadolu Endüstri Holding A.Ş., Honda Türkiye ve Efes Beverage Group respectively.

Mr. Osman Alptürer currently holds Anadolu Group Human Resources President position.

Nuri Bulut Yeni fotograf


Nuri Bulut who is currently the General Manager of Izocam was born in Ankara in 1953. He is married and is the father of one son, where he is fluent in both French and English.
Nuri Bulut completed his graduate education in Saint Joseph French High School. His undergraduate degree is from Istanbul Technical University in 1979, where he holds M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds an executive MBA degree from Koç University gained in the period 1994 to 1995.
He began his career by working as Production Chief in Gebze Plant of Izocam in 1981. He has gained Production Manager title in 1984 and fulfilled this position in the company between the years 1984 to 1986. Later on, within the years 1986 to 1994, he worked as Project Manager in Head Office and as Engineering Manager during 1994-1996. He became Technical Assistant General Director in 1996 and worked in this position until 2002, finally becoming the General Manager of the company in 01.04.2002.

He is still an independent Board Member of Tat Konserve A.Ş. He is a Board Member of, İzocam Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş., Saint Gobain Inovatif Malzemeler ve Aşındırıcı Sanayi Ticaret  A.Ş. and Atlas Zımpara Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.


Ozgur Tanrikulu, a Director with McKinsey and Company, leads McKinsey and Company in Turkey.  Ozgur has extensive experience in serving leading financial institutions, conglomerates, private and public investors in Turkey, as well as across a broad range of other geographies.  He has led programs on a broad range of topics including growth strategy, mergers and acquisitions, performance management and organizational development. He joined McKinsey in December 2000.  During his tenure with McKinsey, Ozgur has served both Islamic and conventional banks on a broad range of topics including:

Developing a regional wholesale/investment banking strategy of a leading regional bank

Various projects on corporate governance across leading institutions in the region

Supporting a GCC Central Bank in developing the Basel II Roadmap for the country

A joint Basel credit risk seminar with the UAE Central Bank on Basel II and its implications for the banks in the county

Improving the treasury function of a universal bank, that included redefining the role of treasury, ALCO and the board with respect to market risk and establishing fund transfer pricing

Developing and implementing the consumer finance strategy for a bank, including designing and implementing innovative products in the market

Developing a greenfield market entry strategy for a leading Islamic bank, including the defining target customer segments, developing the product offering, organization structure and network set-up

Developing a regional growth strategy for a leading bank in the Gulf

Transforming the retail banking business of a leading bank.  Over a span of six months, the project covered identifying the customer segments, developing product packages for these segments, redesigning the branch network, roles and responsibilities of the branch staff and the management, developing new sales tools and rolling it out across the network

Developing the small business offering linked to the affluent offering of a leading retail bank, with a focus on the product, service, risk and pricing and rolling it out across the network

Developing and implementing affluent banking in a leading retail bank. The study included identifying the attractive customer segments and developing an attractive value proposition, and implementing the concept, including the rollout across the network

Developing a performance measurement tool for a leading bank that included creation of segment P&L’s for all businesses, performance benchmarking with respect to the budget and historical performance, and indicators that track key dimensions, such as profitability per customer, volumes, and key ratios

Redesigning the organization structure of a leading bank and undertaking initiatives in specific areas for performance improvement

Pre merger management project of two financial institutions.  This study included developing the business strategy of these institutions, identification of the revenue and cost synergies with the merger, analyzing various business units at product level of the banks and developing a financial model studying their profitability, drafting the equity story and developing the merger strategy regarding the subsidiaries of these institutions

Evaluating an acquisition target/market entry strategy for a bank.  This project consisted of developing the projections for the sector and the target bank based on various scenarios following recent developments in the sector, valuing the bank considering these projections and the position of the bank in the sector, setting the post acquisition strategy and defining the implementation steps after the acquisition

Measuring the productivity of the financial sector in Turkey.  This study, carried with McKinsey Global Institute, looked at the productivity issues in a variety of sectors including the financial sector and identified ways to improve productivity of the sector via regulatory and sector specific suggestions

Knowledge development on revitalizing the banking sector in Turkey following the financial crises. This project included determining the effects of the crises in the sector considering all the players (state and private) and putting together a program that included all the required actions by these players to achieve a healthy and a viable sector


Prior to McKinsey, Ozgur has worked as a project manager for United Technologies Corporation in USA, France and UK, where he led various projects on cost reduction, process improvement and e-business. Prior to United Technologies, he worked as an intern at Chase Manhattan in Turkey and as an applications analyst for IBM in USA and Japan.  Ozgur has an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from Boğaziçi University Turkey and a Masters in Management with concentration in finance from Purdue University, USA.


Sevgi Perek Bizim Şirket Kitabı Yazarı


Doctoral Program in Contemporary Management Studies

(Ph. D. in Contemporary Management), June 2009

Research area: Board of Management Effectiveness as one of the Corporate Governance Practices in Family Companies. Successfully completed.

SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY, Frank Sawyer School of Management

Boston, USA Master of Business Administration (MBA), December 1998 GPA 3.7/4.0

Projects Accomplished:

Analyzed the financial position of General Motors (GM). Created a proposal to Turkish companies that would be willing to partner with GM.

Involved in teamwork to manage an athletic footwear company to propel the company into a leading position in                 international markets. Used the Business Strategy Game software program to develop decision-making skills.

Prepared and presented a marketing proposal and a web page design for twenty Boston area restaurants.


Bachelor of Science in Management, January 1995

Projects Accomplished:

Prepared and presented a project for the Kanal D TV channel to improve its ratings.

Analyzed and presented all the marketing strategies and work procedures of an olive oil producing company located in Turkey and exporting to U.S.

Work Experience

2014–   Currently giving seminars about; ‘Human Resources Management and Training, Career Planning and Development’ in various institutions and Universities.  2014      Is the author of a business research book about consulting to Turkish family businesses named,

‘BİZİM ŞİRKET’. Second edition of the book is also published in December 2014.

Feb `07-


Human Resources Management and Business Development Consultant

Analyzed the management processes to restructure the management structure of the company.

Jan`05-Feb `07


Prepared company reports to the potential investors that are interested to invest in Turkish family companies which are in a distressed situation.

Presented the company reports to the potential investors to generate new resources to the clients.

Acknowledged as a strong team player, built and maintained mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with the client.


DELOITTE & TOUCHE  Auditor  Ankara

Possessed and maintained knowledge of Deloitte & Touche methodologies and applied that to enhance the client service.

Jan.-Oct.`99       CHASE GLOBAL FUNDS SERVICES COMPANIES         Fund Accountant     Boston, USA

Calculated nightly Net Asset Value of funds. Managed balancing and daily pricing of mutual funds.

Reviewed all trades booked on each fund and calculated cash available for portfolio management.

Analyzed monthly accounting proofs and resolved discrepancies. Compiled financial reports for management.

June.-Dec.`98    CITIZENS BANK       Marketing Assistant Boston, USA

Developed a marketing strategy to increase Citizens Bank’s recognition and competitiveness in Boston.

Created a booklet promoting the superior products and mailed this booklet to current and potential customers.

Performed a final presentation to the bank management consisting of analysis, comparisons and an action plan.


INFO STOCK EXCHANGE COMPANY       Investment Consultant Ankara

Worked as a Dealer and a Customer Representative for over 100 clients.

Performed fundamental and technical analysis for buy and sell decisions.

Made studies for stock valuation including research and personal analysis of market trends. (MetaStock)


Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint) Lotus Notes. Internet, AS2 (Audit System 2), Logo Gold. SPSS 16.


Worked as a leader in Chase Manhattan Bank in coordination with the Chase Grant Program and collected remarkable amount of funds to aid the injured in 2000 earthquake in Turkey.

Hobbies               Reading about self-improvement, coaching, hiking, biking, ice scating.

Personal Details:

Has a Life Coach and NLP Expert Certificate from LIVCON Learning Academy.

Birth Date: 12/12/1972. Married. Has one child.

– See more at: http://theconferencesturkey.com/index.php/yonetim-ve-liderlik-zirvesi/#sthash.5liu8XQg.dpuf


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